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Health Canada Approved NPN 80033858

Lose Weight & Cholesterol Naturally

SBM Fat Free is a fast effect, herbal formula that removes excess fat and cholesterol from the body naturally, making it look healthy and attractive. Besides acting on the excess fat, SBM Fat Free also helps in reducing muscle pain in arms and legs.

It is a mixture of the pressed juices of Garlic, Pomegranate, Boerhavia leaves, Radish, Malabar Tamarind etc., which are scientifically proven to help in reducing excess fat and cholesterol.

Benefits Appetite Control Minimizing the Storage of Fat Increasing Metabolic Rate Enhancing Energy Levels FAT FREE helps to reduce the abnormal fat deposits and makes the fat available for consumption by the body.
Usage Take 3 tablets together in a day in empty stomach with lukewarm water at least 30 minute before breakfast. Continue with this course for at least for 3month. Information as Efficacy of Fat Free 1. According to body constitution the result of an ayurvedic medicine varies from person to person. See below chart: Within 1 Month %of Humanà 25-30% 55-60% 10% 5% Average Weight Lossà <5kg <2-3kg <1kg No Result 2. This is based on the result of clinical studies conducted through the Doctors of SBM AYUR clinics in last 10 years. 3. Fat Free reduces the bad cholesterol level in 95% of the cases. 4. The result varies according to the climatic and food conditions. 5. If you have no result within one month please contact us through
Ingredients Alliium sativum - Reduces LDL Cholesterol. Coccinia indica - Reduces High blood pressure and enhances good cholesterol. Dolichos biflora - Astringent & Diuretic Punica granatum - Remedy against diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal parasites. Garcinia indica - Reduces excess fat & LDL cholesterol. Boerhavia diffusa - Diuretic. Rejuvenate body cells. Curcuma longa - Anti allergic, anti toxins, anti cholesterol. Murraya koenigii - Reduces LDL cholesterol, enhances HDL ‘good cholesterol’, full of anti oxidants. Raphanus sativus - Diuretic, removes excess water from the tissues.
Method of Preparation All ingredients are separately cleaned, crushed, juice is taken, dried granulated and compressed into tablets with the following excipients.

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SBM Fat Free

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